Epica Awards

donderdag 21 november 2019, KIT - Royal Tropical Institute

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In a nutshell, the Epica Awards is one of the most respected Global Creative Awards within the Advertising industry. Born in 1987 and like the Cannes Lions it celebrate excellence in Creativity but with the difference that the juries are not creative people from agencies but senior journalists and editors from +200 trade magazines (for example Campaign in UK, Werbe & Verkaufen in Germany, Insider Latam from LATAM or AdWeek in the the USA. People often would refer to it as the « Globe Awards » of advertising. The Ceremony will take place in Amsterdam on November 21st.

Purpose-driven ideas from young and innovative thinkers

We live in an unstable era. Whether it’s from economic trends, disruptive new business models, shifting consumer habits, or the tension between creativity and technology, agencies and brands face daunting challenges. But how to flip the age of uncertainty into one of opportunity? The conference will embark on a voyage of dialogue and discovery with innovative brands, young creators, start-ups and today’s creative leaders. We’ll also find out how purpose and responsibility are the keys to long-term success. In communications and branding, future solutions are being forged today. By shining a spotlight on them, we hope to inspire and motivate all who attend.

Epica Creative Circles 2019
The conference will take place on Thursday, 21 November, at the historical Royal Institute for the Tropics in Amsterdam. Participants include the world’s leading creative agencies, brands, media and press, who seek inspiration, best practices from and exchange with their industry peers and thought leaders from beyond the creative industries.
The program will feature practical workshops, a keynote program and round tables organized around industries, addressing urgent challenges and attractive opportunities. More information on the program can be found here.

The industries that are defined for the round tables, are:

  1. Travel & Leisure (example brands Accor, TUI)
  2. Food & Beverage (example brands Heineken, Tony Chocolony)
  3. Automotive (example brands Audi, Renault)
  4. Personal Electronics & Devices (example brands Philips, Apple)
  5. Luxury (example brands Hermes, Valentino)
  6. Health & Beauty (example brands Unilever, Beiersdorf)
  7. Finance (example brands Credit Suisse, Mastercard)
  8. Media (example brands Netflix, Hearst)
  9. Retail (example brands Amazone, Wallmart)
  10. Alcoholic Drinks (example brands Diageo, Grey Goose)

The conference will run between 10am-6pm, followed by the Epica Award Show and after party.


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