IAB UK - Update Data Protection Regulation

1 minuten leestijd (248 woorden)
You may have seen last week that the Council of the European Union has suggested a compromise deal on the draft European Commission Data Protection Regulation. This Regulation will eventually be the overarching law covering digital marketing practices and internet technologies. The Council’s messaging is a welcome development because for the first time they are suggesting language which takes more of a risk-based approach, which could provide much-needed flexibility for the industry. The Council is anxious to see progress made on the draft Regulation prior to the Parliament’s summer recess. The broader process for finalization of the Regulation does not contain exact timings, however the Regulation needs to be discussed and eventually adopted by the various European institutions (the European Parliament, made up of elected MEPs, and the Council of Ministers, where each EU country or ‘member state’ is represented). The overall legislative process is expected to last 1-3 years, and then it is not expected to come into force for a further two years.
Last week’s action brings into focus a long-term project we have undertaken to harmonize public policy through a network of IABs around the globe. For several years we have collaborated with IAB Europe and 24 country-specific IABs within the EU on this important project. We would like to recognize the hard work of our counterparts and especially the leadership of IAB UK. If you would like to learn more about the industry’s work in this area, please refer to this IAB UK ‘factsheet’.