IAB UK - Search for integration

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This IAB UK report investigates search integration, the process of aligning search marketing activity with offline and online media. The importance of search for businesses is well understood, however the opportunity to integrate search, improving the effectiveness of all media assets, remains a topic of mystery and myth. This report, for traditional and digital marketers, explores the opportunity to integrate search better by collating the findings from a range of recent reports, research and expert opinions.

Six key factors became apparent to help marketers integrate search better.

Scale - with 90% of the active UK internet population using search each month, it is a tool all marketers - from offline and online disciplines - should understand.

Extend - search captures interest generated by other media, extending engagement significantly in an environment where consumers sell to themselves.

All-encompassing - search is used by consumers at all steps of the path-to-purchase, not just the end of the funnel, presenting an opportunity for awareness and branding.

ROPO - search is key to the research online, purchase offline effect (ROPO) with search playing a pivotal role in pre-purchase research and opinion forming.

Complementary - search not only extends but also amplifies the brand effect of other media, multiplying the effectiveness of each media component.

Holistic - to fully appreciate search’s role in the media mix an holistic view is necessary and techniques like econometric modelling can help.

As a result of these factors, IAB UK recommends marketers of all disciplines enter a period of re-evaluation and re-education for search marketing, exploring its full role in an integrated media mix using methods highlighted in this report.